App Publishers

Monetize your applications without compromising your user experience.

Your users are more valuable than you may know – our merchant partners are always looking to increase their reach and present valuable opportunities at the right time to the right consumers. We make it easy for you to join the ROXIMITY Publisher Network and enable you to fully control which mobile ad engagements are right for your audience.

ROXIMITY makes mobile simple

Signup as a Publisher

Contact us below to request being a publisher application. We’re looking for applications with a large install base and a good fit for our merchants.

Integrate the SDK

By placing the ROXIMITY Software Development Kit (SDK) into your mobile app your application becomes part of our network.

Approve Your Partners

Receive an automated alert from ROXIMITY and log in to approve merchant partners and campaigns.

Get Paid

Receive a check each month based on campaign activity and log in to review campaign results.

"ROXIMITY has been a fabulous partner to Ibotta, allowing us to work closer with leading retail and CPG partners, and provide our users in-aisle notifications enabling them to both save on their shopping and learn more about great new products available to them."

− Bryan Leach - CEO of ibotta