ROXIMITY Releases Model X, the Most Powerful iBeacon Technology Available Today
New Hardware Boasts Longer Battery Life, Greater Durability

DENVER, COLO, August 26, 2014 – ROXIMITY, the leader in location-based mobile technology, today announced Model X, the most powerful iBeacon licensed technology on the market. ROXIMITY launched the first Bluetooth Low Energy beacon in 2012, and has since continued to provide the best beacon technology in the industry for top multinational brands and retailers. Model X beacons boast built-in security features, greater durability, and longer battery life, offering ROXIMITY’s customers increased value as they implement innovative mobile campaigns.

Model X beacons are iBeacon certified, have an extended battery life of up to five years, and have increased durability that can withstand a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions for customers looking to build their beacon infrastructure. The beacons include patent-pending security features that, when combined with ROXIMITY’s software platform and SDK, ensure a safe and secure customer experience. Additionally, the beacons and the ROXIMITY platform are built to support both iOS and Android mobile deployments.

“Beacon capabilities go beyond our initial mall, retail, and grocery store deployments,” said Danny Newman, founder and CEO of ROXIMITY. “We anticipate stadiums, museums, and a multitude of our other industry partners to develop innovative location solutions using ROXIMITY’s new hardware.”

In addition to its beacon hardware, ROXIMITY offers iOS and Android geofencing/beacon SDKs, as well as an enterprise grade software platform that simplifies beacon infrastructure management and real-time marketing campaign creation. It also offers customers valuable data and analytics, including in-store traffic patterns, dwell time, and more.

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ROXIMITY is the most comprehensive, full-featured location-based advertising platform in the world, offering technology that enables retailers, brands, and venues to interact with nearby consumers. ROXIMITY offers innovative beacon hardware, a robust SDK, and a full suite of targeted mobile messaging and analytics tools that brands like Mondelez, Ford, and the Brooklyn Nets use to drive exceptional results. ROXIMITY is headquartered in beautiful Denver, Colorado with an office in New York City. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter.