Powerful end to end mobile marketing and indoor analytics platform.

Meet the ROXIMITY Mobile Marketing Platform

Whether your customers are down the street or have just stepped inside, we’ll help you reach them with relevant and timely information they’ll appreciate — and begin to count on for guidance. The ROXIMITY Platform provides everything needed to create, manage and optimize mobile-marketing campaigns that both respect customers’ privacy and give sellers full control of the indoor, mobile experience.


ROXIMITY Beacons — Simple, secure, and maintenance-free!

These small, wireless devices will make your mobile app even smarter and more useful. Place them anywhere to deliver personalized messages to target customers via their mobile devices. ROXIMITY Beacons work with Apple and Android platforms. Our patent-pending security technology ensures unauthorized third parties cannot access, or interfere with, broadcasts.

Mobile Client SDK

We provide the tools developers need to integrate beacons quickly and easily into your world. Our SDK makes beacon integration with your app seamless and simple. It also streamlines transmission of the messages you send and the analytics you receive. Our SDK gives developers the flexibility to customize your application to meet specific needs. Have hundreds of stores and want to target each one to reflect the uniqueness of their location? No problem.



Our intuitive, online dashboard is your command central.

  • Launch and Manage. Send your target audiences the information you want them to have at the exact moment they need it. Customize messages according to the data you receive from them.
  • Analyze. Whether you’re studying the impact of hundreds of beacons or want to focus only on one beacon, our robust analytics hone in on hundreds of data points you can access anytime. Launch a campaign, see in real time what’s working and what’s not — and make fast adjustments to maximize your impact.
  • Rest assured. Thanks to auto-alerts, you’ll always know whether a device needs to be repaired or replaced.


We provide the help you need to make the most of micro-location marketing and sales. We’re mobile experts, and we’ll help you devise a ROXIMITY Beacon strategy that optimizes the impact of your campaigns.


Think big! The ROXIMITY Beacon hardware and software are designed and built for large-scale deployments. Our beacons are designed for easy installation and zero maintenance.