Engage, Delight, and Understand your Customers

With iBeacons, Geofences, and Messaging, you can interact with customers in ways never possible before.

The ROXIMITY Platform provides everything needed to create, manage and optimize mobile-marketing campaigns that both respect customers’ privacy and give sellers full control of the indoor, mobile experience.

Location done right!


Engage Your Customers

In-venue Marketing

Deliver timely and relevant messaging to customers or attendees directly to their mobile device when they reach locations that matter to you.

Check-ins and Loyalty

Use verified presence to confirm a customer’s location at a specific point.

Indoor Navigation

Use beacons to help attendees navigate through your space.


Delight Your Customers

Payment Initialization

Use a customer’s verified presence to trigger a payment within your app.

In-store Pickup

Use a customer’s verified presence to match and bring them their order.

Sales Rep Notifications

Use a customer’s verified presence to trigger a notification to a store employee to assist the shopper.


Understand Your Customers

Venue Analytics

Understand how customers use your space down to precise location, frequencies, and time spent.

Customer Analytics

Determine which customer engagement campaigns work and how to properly message specific in-venue audiences.

Competitive Analytics

Leverage geofences to understand what is going on outside your venue as well.