What kinds of use cases exist for leveraging beacons within my application?

Good question! Opportunities are virtually endless, but examples include: navigation/wayfinding, proximity and user specific marketing, tying mobile ordering to in-store pickup, location traffic analysis, automating simple check-ins or controls (ex. doors), rich second-screen experiences (ex. museums), scavenger hunts, contests, etc…

How long does shipping take?

U.S. orders typically take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive. For orders being shipped outside of the United States, orders typically take 2 – 3 weeks to arrive.

I purchased beacons but my shipment has not arrived - help!

Once an order ships, you will receive your tracking information in the order confirmation email (sent from orders@roximity.com). If you believe your order is lost, please try contacting USPS/UPS/DHL with your shipping confirmation for the most updated tracking information. If you have additional questions or need further assistance please email support@roximity.com.

Where can I find your SDKs?

We only offer our SDKs with purchase of the ROXIMITY Model X or Model O beacons (and NOT with the purchase of the Open X beacons). Once you have purchased beacons, you will be able to access the SDKs through your merchant account dashboard.

Do I have to use your SDK?

Yes. Our beacons are Model X are functional when paired with an app that uses our SDK; simply use the instructions in your merchant account dashboard to integrate our SDK into your app. Once the SDK is dropped into your app, all messaging and analytics can be controlled and measured from your ROXIMITY dashboard. Note: You may elect to use our Model O Beacons on or off of our platform and if you are looking for a Model X beacon to function without the use of our SDK you must purchase an Open X beacon here.

Does ROXIMITY offer a SDK for both iOS and Android?

Yes! We have SDKs for both iOS and Android that will allow you to build applications that will interact with any iPhone model 4S or later and any Android phone utilizing Bluetooth 4.0.

Do customers need an application installed on their mobile device to receive notifications?

Yes. In order for customers to be able to receive notifications from a Model X beacon or to be included in location data, they must have an application on their phone that contains the ROXIMITY SDK. Note: When using an Open X beacon you must incorporate code into a mobile application you work with that includes BLE detection.

Does the user need to have the app open for the beacon to work?

Nope! The app can run in the background or even be turned off and still receive beacons signals.

Are your beacons iBeacon certified?

Absolutely! Our beacons meet the iBeacon standard and as well meet FCC(US)/CE(European) standards too!

What is the range of the beacons?

Our beacon’s range is 1 ft up to 160 ft (50m). This value is the same for our outdoor and indoor ranges, although environmental factors could affect the signal. You can easily customize the range desired for your campaigns; the ranges are immediate (1 – 2 ft. / < 1 m), near (< 10 ft / < 3 m), and far (< 160 ft / < 50 m).

How simple is it to manage beacons and create campaigns?

Very very easy! We offer a web-based dashboard where you are able to control messaging and view our analytics features. Once you purchase and deploy our beacons and integrate our SDK, you’ll be able to launch campaigns in minutes, update them in real time and view analytics in real time too!

Can I configure more than one message per beacon and how complex can I make the messaging rules?

Absolutely! You can setup multiple messaging triggers for a single beacon; for example, a beacon can deliver a message to a user when they enter the widest range of the beacon and again when the user is in an “immediate” range.

Can the beacons be used for location based traffic analytics?

Absolutely! Marketing is one component of the power of beacons, but we believe that bringing online analytics to the physical world is just as important. Through strategic placement of beacons you can analyze people’s traffic pattern, dwell time, path(s) to register, # of visits to conversion, identify location/merchandise dead spots, etc…

Does ROXIMITY have a reseller program?

Yes! We’re always looking for qualified resellers. Please reach out to resellers@roximity.com to learn more.

Does ROXIMITY offer developer support?

We do! All inquiries for developer help can be made to: support@roximity.com

I need a formal invoice for my order, who do I contact?

Yes! Please email support@roximity.com and we would be happy to create an invoice for your order.

I would like to order a lot of beacons, any chance I can get a discount?

Happy to support your needs, please email us at contact@roximity.com and we will get back to you within one business day.

What type of weather can ROXIMITY beacons withstand?

ROXIMITY’s Model X is designed to withstand indoor or outdoor weather conditions, including temperatures from -20 to +80 degrees Celsius as well as rain, sleet, and snow.

How long do the beacons last?

We’ve worked hard on improving our battery technology and are proud to state our Model X beacons have up to 5 years of battery performance.

Super awesome FAQ but I have a couple additional questions, whom can I ask?

Happy to answer additional questions you have please email us at: contact@roximity.com