Targeted Messaging

Deliver the right message to the right customer
at the right time. With ROXIMITY, you can trigger
content and push notifcations via
Beacons, Geofences, and more.

Powerful Insights

Launch campaigns with the ability to optimize
in real time. Get deep analytical insights, such
as location impressions, dwell time, online to
offline tracking, and competitor visits.


Place these small, wireless iBeacons anywhere in
your physical locations to deliver personalized
content to customers as they walk in the door
and move throughout your venue.


ROXIMITY makes mobile simple


Set Up Beacons

Whether you use one or thousands, ROXIMITY Beacons are easy to deploy. In the ROXIMITY Dashboard, configure individual Beacons for easy targeting and dynamic metrics.

Integrate SDK

Use the ROXIMITY Software Development Kit (SDK) for seamless integration of your Beacons and existing mobile apps and use our API for more advanced configurations.

Create Campaigns

Set up campaigns that deliver content and messaging to your app when customers are in or nearby your store or venue. Target customers easily using tags and proximity ranges.

View Results

Measure everything. View and analyze how online and offline campaigns affect foot traffic and sales. Determine product placement, store layout, traffic flows, highest performing times of day, and much more. Identify and retain your best customers.

Brands and retailers trust ROXIMITY


Make the most of your ROXIMITY Beacons

We’ll help you design a whole new shopping experience that increases customer engagement and influences spending.

Secure your investment

With ROXIMITY Beacons, you control access to your iBeacon infrastructure. No cloning, no spoofing, no hacking.

End to end mobile marketing

ROXIMITY is a complete solution spanning iBeacon hardware, iOS/Android SDKs, and marketing campaign management tools.

We’re mobile experts

And we offer tech support that extends your existing apps and helps you work in real time to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Micro-location, location, location is the future.


When you know a customer’s exact location, you have a much better sense of how to engage her with information or special offers she finds useful — Is she at your competitor’s store or just outside the entrance? Or is she standing at the display inside, contemplating a purchase? ROXIMITY empowers retailers to speak into those moments in relevant and useful ways with a complete mobile-marketing platform that delivers highly targeted content through beacon and geofence triggers. With ROXIMITY use of your floor space by customers is now well understood, giving you in-store analytics once only reserved for eCommerce sites.

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